"Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers have been working together in one form or another since 2002. After graduating Tyler School of Art’s militant design program, Kernevich and Summers began making silkscreen posters for Philadelphia’s independent music scene. The graphic and conceptual simplicity of their collaborations made an immediate impact on the burgeoning poster revival in North America. Local clients and small projects paved the way to international acclaim and assignments from the likes of R.E.M., Wilco, and The New York Times. They now run a full-service design and illustration operation, applying their graphic elegance and visual wit to a wide range of clients and projects. They’ve won awards from Communication Arts, American Illustration, Print Magazine, Graphis, and the Society of Illustrator"


Rob Report

Exploring the historical ins and outs high-end timepieces.



Proposed cover for the Fitzgerald-esque bestseller about life in New York post-911.




Identity for a writing lab in Philadelphia promoting literacy and offering tutoring programs and writing workshops.

I got in touch with The Heads of State, because if I’m going to go anywhere to do with America, let’s start at the Heads. Ask a leader and that!

The work they produce differs with styles, which appeals greatly to me, as recently someone said “you need a style” and I immediately thought, “I have about ten!” and was racking my brains out about what and how I wanted to produce my work for weeks. I finally got some advice of someone else, and basically, I’m just going to wait until I have some way of doing things, and see what my favourite is. I’m still experimenting, but I believe I should always be experimenting, styles change all the time, why not give a future client more options of ways they can have the work they want, in a way they might of never thought that looks good to the visuals they have in mind. So, I’m embracing that. 

With this rambling, I actually have a point that, they inspired me more so to do what I want, be creative and different. This made me want to work for, or with Jason and Dustin on a placement or (ideally) permanently. I’ll be the sponge sucking up all the information, and every different technique they have to show, and how they handle clients, and get ideas across, and basically everything they do on a day to day basis.

They have a long list of clients to be proud of, such as The New York Times, Esquire, Wired, R.E.M, Nickelodeon and the impressive list goes on! I’d know I’ve made it if I got to design for Nickelodeon! 

I’ve become so much more optimistic, with feel good mood to go with it from messaging these design heroes of mine, it’s nice get in contact and actually get feedback! Which I’m thankful for with some of the great advice I’ve gotten. 

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